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Contoh Buat Iklan Menarik

Walaupun contoh iklan ni dalam bahasa Inggeris, tapi orang yang tak faham bahasa pun boleh faham iklan ni. Agak menarik untuk dikongsikan. 

1. Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmers

This ad literally thinks outside the box. It also uses natural city surroundings – telephone wires – and seamlessly incorporates them into the ad.

2. Colgate Floss

Many people don’t floss everyday but they definitely will if they have food stuck in their teeth. Colgate uses this knowledge for their ad.

3. Frontline

This is an example of an interactive ad where the people around it actually become a part of it. The ad was on the lower floor of a shopping mall. From upper floors the people looked like fleas.

4. Adidas

Bigger isn’t always better but the size of this ad allows it to be seen from pretty far down the road. The ad, which appeared near the Munich airport, also shows that you don’t have to be confined to a traditional billboard with highway advertisements.

5. IKEA Assembly Service

This ad is big, bold and makes perfect sense when you see the URL. It shows just what can happen if you don’t use the company’s assembly services.

6. Heineken

Heineken uses a 3D Bilboard to make it look like there is a hand grabing for the bottle.

7. NHS Smokefree

NHS Smokefree is a U.K.-based organization dedicated to helping people quit smoking. It can be hard to design a creative anti-drug ad but the guy on a fishing hook in this ad definitely grabs your attention.

8. Garnier

The caption on this Swiss ad translates to “for any hair type.” You have to admit the optical illusion is pretty cool.

9. National Agency for the Fight Against Illiteracy in France

This ad cleverly draws readers in with bright red text and a bikini-clad model, but then it takes a serious turn.

10. Whiskas

Whiskas’ ad agency, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, took photo of George Logan and inserted an adorable picture of a running cat. It’s sure to appeal to animal lovers.

11.  Nivea Night

This ad for Nivea’s night cream is clean, catches your attention, and uses nothing but the actual product.

12. Guinness

This ad from Guinness is another creative and effective anti-drug ad. It shows how your reaction time slows significantly when you drink and drive.

13. British Airways

This electronic ad from British Airways will tell you which plane is flying overhead.

14. Denver Water

This ad for conservation practices what it preaches.

15. The Economist

This billboard from The Economist is another great interactive one. The bulb lights up when a person walks under it.


This ad for a German job search company cleverly blends into its surroundings.

17. Tampax

This ad for feminine hygiene products says a lot without even saying anything.

18. Nescafe

This ad for a coffee company shows just how fast some caffeine can get you up and running.

19. Coffee Inn

Speaking of coffee ads, this one is pretty memorable.


Career Builder’s ad is less optimistic than the German company’s. However, it makes sense for a country still on the mend from a recession.

21. Johnny Walker

This ad plays on a popular whiskey brand name.

22. Unicef

This ad from Unicef shows just how marginalized impoverished children can be. The caption says “Don’t Ignore Me.”

23. Viagra

You’ll never look at light switches the same way after seeing this ad.

24. Eskom

This is another conservation ad that speaks volumes.

25. Kill Bill

This ad in New Zealand actually incorporates nearby cars.
kill bill

26. Hard Rock Cafe

This ad might not make sense if you don’t know the song.
hard rock

27. Australian Post

This one takes personalization to a whole new level.

28. WWF

Even small donations can help save wildlife.
WWF gir

29. Mr. Pepper Hot

This really shows how hot the candy is.
pepper hot

30. Naval Museum of Alberta

Notice how this one blends in with the billboard.


This multi-part ad is simple but speaks volumes.

32. 12 Keys

This ad shows the dangerous effects of substance abuse on children.
more like you

33. Kolstone

The color for this hair dye ad changes throughout the day.

34. Martor

You have to look down to understand this ad.

35. Hot Wheels

Who remembers having one of these as a kid?
hot wheels

36. All State

Location is everything in this ad.
all state

37. BBC World

This ad really gives you a different perspective.

38. Oreo

Oreo cookies meet Neil Armstrong in this historical ad.

39. Slimfast

This ad is a twist on the traditional wedding cake topper.

40. Evian

This ad shows staying hydrated will help you feel young.

Nak tahu cara membuat iklan berkesan di Google? klik sini
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Download Whatsapp for PC

Alhamdulillah setelah berhari-hari cuba, akhirnya dapat juga download Whatsapp untuk PC. Ini bagi siapa-siapa yang ada masalah nak masukkan Whatsapp dalam PC guna Bluestacks atau emulator lain selain Andy. Software ni akan buat satu sistem android dalam virtual box seakan-akan macam tablet.

Nampak tak contoh Whatsapp yang dapat install dalam PC ni?

download whatsapp for PC

Lepas diuji, memang menjadi:

whatsapp download for PC
Untuk download, mula-mula sekali:

1. Download kat link ni:

2. Klik run dan install macam software biasa (agak ambil masa sikit)

3. Nanti pada desktop, akan ada dua shortcut baru (Andy & Oracle Virtual Box) kalau perasan. Tapi Oracle Virtual Box tu kadang-kadang ada masalah pada PC. Untuk baiki, buka "Control panel" pada komputer dan "uninstall Oracle Virtual Box" tu dulu.

Android Virtual Box

4. Download Oracle VM yang baru di link ni:

5. Buka zip folder tu dan klik (run) Andy29FixTool

5. Lepas selesai, restart komputer.

6. Klik software Oracle VM tu dan lepas tu klik "Start":

7. Bukak Google Play, download Whatsapp dan tadaa!!

Nota: Guna anak panah (arrow) untuk pilih menu dalam tu dan klik "enter". Lagi satu tips, kalau nak save contact (kenalan) atau patah balik ke menu utama, boleh klik butang ”Esc” pada keyboard.

Moga bermanfaat.

Kalau ada apa-apa soalan, boleh tanya di ruangan komen.
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Perangkap Lalat Buah

Datang musim panas ni akan datang la sekali serangga-serangga masuk rumah. Bila buang sampah kena cepat-cepat ikat dan buang cepat kalau tak cepat je lalat buah ni datang.

Lalat buah (tak tahu dalam bahasa Melayu sebut apa sebenarnya.. heheh) ni dulu aku seingat aku masa kecik-kecik panggil agas tapi sebenarnya agas tu lain. 

Inilah agas, lain dari lalat buah. Sumber: Wikipedia

Lalat buah ni aku geli juga macam geli dengan lalat. Mana tahu dah hinggap kat najis atau kat bangkai mana pastu nak hinggap kat makanan. erkk!!!

Satu hari jalan-jalan shopping beli barang dapur & ternampak perangkap lalat buat jual smpai 480yen???? Lebih kurang RM15 hinggit la dalam ringgit Malaysia. Perghh mahal nak mamp%$..

Baik buat sendiri, lagi jimat..

Cara nak buat perangkap tu:

1. Sediakan plastik food wrap, paku (guna lidi pun boleh), makanan yang dah lebam/rosak (kulit pisang atau buah lain pun ok) & bekas (cawan plastik/kertas kitar semula).

2. Masukkan kulit/buah dalam bekas.

3. Balut dengan plastik wrapper tu. Cucukkan dengan paku (atau lidi) untuk buat lubang supaya lalat buah tu terperangkap masuk.

4. Jeng2! Banyak tak masuk??

Aku buat eksperimen dengan guna botol pulak, kebarangkalian untuk lalat buah ni teperangkap adalah tipis.

Seekor je yang terperangkap masuk

Tips 1: Buat lubang banyak2 sikit dengan ngam2 je saiz paku kecik. Keberangkalian untuk lalat buah terperangkap jadi tinggi.

Tips 2: Jangan buat lubang terlalu tepi sangat sebab bila terperangkap serangga ni suka ke tepi, takut dia pandai keluar.

Sumber rujukan

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